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The combined complexities of your estate executor’s duties and dealing with your emotional loss of a family member or friend can leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

As a certified probate real estate specialist, I’m committed to give you a clear picture of all your options so that you feel you are making the best decisions every step of the way during your probate settlement.

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We pick up where your attorney leaves off. Below is a sample of the services we offer.

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Ethel Whitmore


I am deeply grateful that I had Probate Real Estate Pros to help me untangle the real estate issues surrounding my sister’s passing. Their clear and direct advice made all the difference.

David Harris


I so appreciate Michelle’s guidance – she never rushed me, and really took the time to listen to my needs.  When I was overwhelmed, she and her crew came in and took care of so many things.  She made a difficult time so much easier.

Christine Young


When my father died, I was worried about how I would deal with his estate as an only child.  Wilco Probate Solutions made sure that I was compensated for dad’s home in a way that provided me with a very secure future.”

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